WMCFW Photo Diary Day 1

wmcfw day 1 18

Yesterday Toronto kicked off the Fall 2013 season of World MasterCard Fashion Week in style! I saw Miz by Izzy Camilleri, Chloe Comme Parris, Pink Tartan and Bustle. I will be getting runway reviews to you soon so you can begin planning your Fall wardrobes!

In the span of four hours we were transported through the decades. Miz by Izzy Camilleri and Pink Tartan took us back to the early 1960s, Chloe Comme Parris to the grungy ’90s (my personal fav) and Bustle into present day. The tunes at Chloe Comme Parris and Bustle had me singing and bouncing around in my seat. Such a fun evening!

I am so happy that my girls from Elle Hardware are also attending the shows this season. Lindsay and Hilary MacMillan run one of the coolest accessories boutiques in the city. Both my cuff and short necklace from today’s post were purchased at Elle Hardware. To keep updated on all of the jewelry trends from the runway in Toronto, be sure to follow Elle Hardware on Instagram and Twitter. If you want to see the action as it happens, follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Now, it’s back to the shows!

wmcfw day 1 16

wmcfw day 1 3

wmcfw day 1 7

wmcfw day 1 9

wmcfw day 1 4

wmcfw day 1 6

wmcfw day 1 17

wmcfw day 1 5

wmcfw day 1 12

wmcfw day 1 13

wmcfw day 1 2

wmcfw day 1 8

wmcfw day 1 11

wmcfw day 1 14

wmcfw day 1 15

Aldo Toque (last seen here), Wilfred dress from Aritzia, Chanel boots, tights and gold necklace (last seen here), Elle Hardware necklace and cuff (last seen here), H&M double finger ring


Top O’ the Mornin’ to Ya

Local & Opulent St. Patty's 1

I hope that you all had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day and that you aren’t feeling too hung over this morning! I didn’t make it out to the pubs this weekend, but I did wear my kelly green trench to get into the festive spirit! Instead on enjoying a few pints, I spent the weekend preparing for World MasterCard Fashion Week, which starts today! Tonight I will be seeing Chloe Comme Parris, Pink Tartan and Bustle! I will be documenting my entire week and will try to update the blog as often as possible! See you from the runway.

Local & Opulent St. Patty's 5

Local & Opulent St. Patty's 4

Local & Opulent St. Patty's 2

Costa Blanca coat (old), Oliver Peoples Sunnies (similar style), Elle Hardware necklace, Chanel boots

Meet the Press

Local & Opulent Fashion Week 1.2

I am so excited to announce that I have received my very first press credentials to cover Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week. This means that next week I will be bringing all of you along with me to the Fall 2013 runway shows.

The last time that I participated in Toronto Fashion Week was three years ago when I worked as a volunteer. It is very cool to be going back, this time as a member of the press. I am honoured and delighted to be participating in this event. There is nothing better than supporting local talent and I cannot wait to see what Toronto has to offer this season.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I will be seeing you on Monday from the runway!

Local & Opulent Fashion Week 7

Local & Opulent Fashion Week 13

The above photos were taken when I was volunteering for the event in March 2010. How time flies and hair grows!

*World MasterCard Fashion Week photo courtesy of FS Local Toronto Blog

If The Shoe Fits, Buy It In Every Colour!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn said it best. Or, at the very least, she has captured my thinking at this exact moment in time. Right now, I am completely obsessed with shoes. I don’t know if it is because my feet are itching to free themselves from the constraint of snow boots, but I have shoes on my brain 24/7. I have compiled images of some of my of my favourite footwear from the 2013 Spring shows. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so today I will let the shoes do the talking.


Local & Opulent Shoes 2

Local & Opulent Shoes 1

Local & Opulent Shoes 3 Local & Opulent Shoes 4


Local & Opulent Shoes 5 Local & Opulent Shoes 6 Local & Opulent Shoes 7


Local & Opulent Shoes 8 Local & Opulent Shoes 10 Local & Opulent Shoes 9


Local & Opulent Shoes 11 Local & Opulent Shoes 15 Local & Opulent Shoes 14 Local & Opulent Shoes 13 Local & Opulent Shoes 12


Local & Opulent Shoes 16 Local & Opulent Shoes 17 Local & Opulent Shoes 18


Local & Opulent Shoes 19 Local & Opulent Shoes 20 Local & Opulent Shoes 21 Local & Opulent Shoes 22


Local & Opulent Shoes 23 Local & Opulent Shoes 24 Local & Opulent Shoes 25 Local & Opulent Shoes 26

*Photos 1-4, 6-23 Courtesy of Elle.com

** Photos 5, 24-26 Courtesy of HarpersBazaar.com

Love It or Hate It: The Street Style Phenomenon

Local & Opulent Street Style 1

This past Saturday Susie Bubble of Style Bubble posted the video Take My Picture on her blog. The film which is produced by Garage Magazine describes its purpose saying, “our intention simply was to observe the phenomenon of fashion bloggers and street style stars. As we started to review the footage, two salient trends became apparent: fashion editors frustrated by the ensuing commotion outside of shows, and the rise of “peacocking” street style stars as a result of the proliferation of blogs. This film examines these themes from both perspectives.” I watched the video, thought about it and let it go. Then I woke up Tuesday morning to find my inbox flooded with messages from friends and readers urging me to take a look at the film. So I watched it again. At first I was inspired to write a post about the two very distinct sides of this debate: the street style media circus vs. the viable marketing opportunities for designers, bloggers and photographers. I began to recall countless articles and responses that have flooded the Internet this past month and realized that Take My Picture is just the latest addition in a long line of commentary on the street style phenomenon.

In February, Suzy Menkes published her now infamous attack on street style, The Circus of Fashion in The New York Times blog T Magazine. She likened the scene outside of the fashion shows to a “circus” and a “zoo”. Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, enraged by this article, wrote a response that gained a ton of traction on the Internet. This inspired countless industry insiders such as Derek Blasberg and Take My Picture, among others, to put in their two cents.

So I thought to myself, what could I possibly say that is new? Not much. Each side has a valid point. Street style is simultaneously honest and disingenuous. Designers dress bloggers, bloggers put their own unique spin on the clothes, countless wardrobe changes are made daily and every photo is staged to some degree. So what? Who really cares?

Local & Opulent Street Style 4

Some editors seem to hate the media frenzy, but major publications continue to employ these photographers and perpetuate this circus. Is there really any difference between dressing a celebrity or giving clothes to fashion’s elite for the purpose of being photographed? No. Not really. So what is the problem? Do editors really hate the work that these bloggers and street style participants create? Or are they simply annoyed by the inconvenience it causes when trying to make their way to the shows? The later, I can sympathize with.

Either way, it is clear that the majority of this industry is responsible, to some degree, for contributing to the creation of this phenomenon. In The Cut’s latest article How Street Style Became a Hate-Watching Sport, Kurt Soller raises the question, why are editors, bloggers or photographers pointing the finger and placing blame on someone else? Menkes on the up and coming tastemakers, Medine on bloggers who accept freebies and Blasberg on non-minimalists.

In The Cut’s article, Soller provides perhaps the most honest perspective on the subject that I have yet to read. He states, “I can’t look at any of it without realizing, after five or so slides and tens of thousands of dollars in clothes, one thing: I’m hate-watching.” We live in a world that loves to hate. We love worst dressed lists, seeing celebrities crash and burn and watching reality TV that makes us all feel just a bit better about ourselves. Perhaps street style, or even these debates are just the latest additions to the endless list of things that we as a society love to hate.

Local & Opulent Street Style 3

In his article, Soller notes that, “there comes a point in every cultural phenomenon — whether it’s Girls, or Vine, or Instagram, or Bret Easton Ellis — that earnestly appreciating something becomes boring”. Are we all so cynical that we are just looking to hate on someone or something new because we are bored? Perhaps, but it seems more optimistic than the alternative; attacking people for just trying to make a living doing what they are passionate about.

Whether or not valid points have been made by Menkes, Medine, Blasberg or Soller, street style, the media circus surrounding it and the reader’s demands for more images wage on. So, let’s agree to disagree, love to hate and continue as Soller says, “clicking forward for some batshit fashion game of I Spy.” That is, until the next hot thing to hate comes along.

Local & Opulent Street Style 2

*Photos Courtesy of T Magazine