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If The Shoe Fits, Buy It In Every Colour!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn said it best. Or, at the very least, she has captured my thinking at this exact moment in time. Right now, I am completely obsessed with shoes. I don’t know if it is because my feet are itching to free themselves from the constraint of snow boots, but I have shoes on my brain 24/7. I have compiled images of some of my of my favourite footwear from the 2013 Spring shows. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so today I will let the shoes do the talking.


Local & Opulent Shoes 2

Local & Opulent Shoes 1

Local & Opulent Shoes 3 Local & Opulent Shoes 4


Local & Opulent Shoes 5 Local & Opulent Shoes 6 Local & Opulent Shoes 7


Local & Opulent Shoes 8 Local & Opulent Shoes 10 Local & Opulent Shoes 9


Local & Opulent Shoes 11 Local & Opulent Shoes 15 Local & Opulent Shoes 14 Local & Opulent Shoes 13 Local & Opulent Shoes 12


Local & Opulent Shoes 16 Local & Opulent Shoes 17 Local & Opulent Shoes 18


Local & Opulent Shoes 19 Local & Opulent Shoes 20 Local & Opulent Shoes 21 Local & Opulent Shoes 22


Local & Opulent Shoes 23 Local & Opulent Shoes 24 Local & Opulent Shoes 25 Local & Opulent Shoes 26

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Spring Forward

It is no secret I am thrilled that spring is just around the corner. After all of the sunshine this past weekend, I am really excited to begin incorporating some of the hottest spring/summer 2013 runway trends into my wardrobe. Here are four that I can’t wait to put my own personal spin on.

Local & Opulent Spring Trends 4


To pull this look off, think A-line mini dresses, Go-Go boots, Peter Pan collars and graphic prints. Don’t forget to load on the mascara and go with a nude lip. To keep your Mod look current and to avoid looking like you are on route to an Austen Powers themed costume party, limit your ensemble to one Mod inspired piece at a time. Update the rest of the look with the addition of modern accessories.

Local & Opulent Spring Trends 1


Last summer I purchased the most gorgeous silk kimono from Canadian retailer Aritzia. Every time I go to wear it however, I back out, completely clueless about how to style it. This season the sleek, modern kimonos shown on the runways at Prada and Haider Ackermann have inspired me to reach back into the closet and give my kimono another chance.

Local & Opulent Spring Trends 3


Pleats – they can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I happen to love pleats. They are feminine without being overly girly. I am completely obsessed with the unexpected ways in which pleating was used on Chloe’s garments this season.

Local & Opulent Spring Trends 2


One of my favorite books, The Great Gatsby, has been adapted to film and of course, the fashion industry has jumped all over the amazing flapper looks that dominated the 1920s. I have always loved intricately beaded dresses, t-strap pumps and headbands. Now I just have to find the perfect fringe dress…

*Photos courtesy of

1. Louis Vuitton, 2. Haider Ackermann, 3. Chloe, 4. Bottega Veneta

Paris is Always a Good Idea

Paris Fashion Week produced so many amazing collections that I couldn’t possibly begin to narrow down my top selections. Often the runway shows in Paris are even more extravagant than the fashions themselves, so instead of reviewing Fall 2013 trends, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the week’s most outstanding productions.


The mood at Givenchy was emotional this season. Ricardo Tisci celebrated eight years at this iconic fashion house by creating a nostalgic collection that revisited some of the greatest pieces of his career. The scene was minimal; a grand circular runway lit with simple spots, which allowed all attention to be focused on the designs. Adding to the emotion of the scene was Tisci’s good friend Antony Hegarty performing with the accompaniment of a full orchestra. Pure fashion magic.

Miu Miu

Palais d’Ilena, which is usually bathed in natural sunlight was covered in curtains and illuminated with fluorescent lighting for the Fall 2013 Miu Miu show. The runway seemed to mirror the designs that consisted mainly of dark denim broken up with bright pops of coloured accessories and furs.

Stella Mc Cartney

Stella McCartney turned out a chic menswear inspired collection this season, but perhaps the most exquisite part of the runway show was the runway itself. Held at the gilded Palais Garnier, the opulent crystal chandeliers and hand painted ceilings created the perfect ambiance for a grand, yet intimate show.

Louis Vuitton

This season, Marc Jacobs created a luxurious hotel at Louis Vuitton. Models in various stages of dress entered from their individual rooms to strut the runway. With the implied intimacies going on behind closed doors, one could not help but wonder if they were perhaps viewing the age-old walk of shame.


Every season Chanel is the show to end all shows. Does anyone else remember the time Karl shipped in an actual iceberg?! Like always, the fall show was located under the monumental glass dome of the Palais Royale. This year the grand centerpiece was a giant globe. Petit logoed flags were scattered across the continents, marking the location of every Chanel store in the world. All I can say is check out a shot of Japan. Holy Chanel!

*Photos courtesy of

Milan, Ti Amo

A week ago if you had asked me what my favourite fashion week is, Milan would not have been at the top of my list. As I perused this season’s Italian collections I began to wonder why it is that I favour all other fashion weeks above Milan. I couldn’t come up with a good answer to that question. The designs were stunning. So stunning in fact, that I had to choose five top looks this week. Milan, you have changed my mind. I love you.

Local and Opulent Milan FW 1

This season, Unkle Karl sent punk models donning multi-hued mohawks down the Fendi runway. Great, now I want a purple mohawk.  As a proud Canadian girl, I am always scouring the collections from amazing outerwear trends. The bold coats at Fendi are sure to make even the grayest winter day a little brighter. I must also add that I am thrilled to report that the over-the-knee sock trend is back for fall! What can I say, I worship Cher Horowitz.

Local & Opulent Milan FW 2

Prada was bold from red lip to gold toe. I’m not sure what I love more; this aqua leather and fur embellished coat, or the gingham A-line skirt. I am feeling inspired to go on one fabulous picnic in that ensemble.

Local & Opulent Milan FW 3

Canadian duo Dsquared created one of the funkiest catwalks of the season. Men’s wear was the name of the game and each fantastic look was topped with a playful hat. I am in love with this feminine version of the tuxedo; glitter, bow tie, fur peplum, satin trousers and a fine chapeau; my head is saying no but my heart is saying yes, Yes, YES!

Local and Opulent Milan FW 4

This season at Missoni, they must have been thinking, what can we design that the charming Canadian blogger at Local & Opulent will just flip for? Every. Single. Piece. That’s what! Loose, comfortable and simple cuts dominated this runway. I love the pajama dressing trend and nobody does it better than Missoni.

Local and Opulent Milan FW 5

This season at Pucci was a throwback to the 1960s. All I want in life is to perfect that perfectly teased hair, precisely lined eye and pouty nude lip that defines ’60s beauty. I am not exaggerating when I say that I want to own every single look from this collection. Those boots are made for walking and they are made for my feet (size 38 please).

What looks from Milan are you excited to be rocking come fall?

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Tartan, Feathers and Florals, Oh My!

Three major trends for Fall 2013 played out repeatedly on the runways at London Fashion Week; tartan, feathers and bold prints shown in either graphic black and white or intense clashes of bright colour. My top three looks from London are my favourite examples of each of these trends. I hope to be rocking them all come fall. Yes, even the feathers!

L&O LFW Temperly

I wonder if it is the Scot in me, but almost any time a designer shows tartan, I swoon. This was the case at Mulberry and Temperly London. I chose a look by Temperly to show you for two reasons. First of all, I love this casual suit, you can wear it as an outfit or as separates. When in doubt, buy the full suit – once it’s gone, it’s gone and you can’t go back and get those bottoms that you now regret not buying! The second reason that I chose this suit is the mix of black and blue. Once considered a fashion “no-no”, this colour combo was hot for Fall 2012 and is showing no signs of going anywhere, any time soon.

L&O LFW Erdem

Feathers were another major trend to grace the runways of London Fashion Week. Mark Fast featured them in nearly every look he showed. The best example of feathers was definitely at Erdem. I chose look 17 from his show because it is a great example of how an avant garde look can be worn off of the runway By pairing this feathered pencil skirt with a floral print blouse, Erdem proves that you can rock more than one trend at a time and still look polished. Also, did I forget to mention that he is Canadian? Awesome.

L&O LFW Tom Ford

Prints in every colour, shape and size took London Fashion Week by storm. From Matthew Williamson to Peter Pilotto and Burberry Prorsum, there was no shortage of bold prints on the runway.  My favourite example of this trend popped up in Tom Ford’s show. I chose this look because he mixed prints. Don’t fear fashion, you CAN mix prints; just remember to stay in the same colour family when doing so! Mixing prints is daring, and if you pull it off properly, you will be turning heads all the way down the street. If two prints is one print too many for you, try pairing a printed bottom with a lace top a la Mr. Ford.

So readers, is there anything I missed? What were your favourite looks from London?

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