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Mackage Fall 2013

Local & Opulent Mackage 1

Mackage is a hot ticket at Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week, and on Wednesday evening, the tent was packed, buzzing with anticipation for the spectacle to come. Designed by Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy, Mackage is known for their stylish outerwear and leather jackets.

The parkas and leathers that walked the runway on Wednesday did not disappoint. I was particularly fond of a burgundy fur coat with black leather sleeves. Mackage often mixes fabrics, adding textural interest to their garments. Unexpected furs were also a huge component of the Fall 2013 collection. Fur sweaters and skirts put a unique spin on Canadian winter staples. Another oh-so-Canadian element was the red and black “lumberjack” tartan, which added a great pop of colour to the mainly neutral collection.

Wednesday evening also marked the premiere of Mackage’s handbag collection. A mix of exotic skins and leathers, these bags are sure to be on every Canadian girls lust list come fall. I am personally coveting the cobalt blue snakeskin cross-body bag!

Local & Opulent Mackage 2 Local & Opulent Mackage 7 Local & Opulent Mackage 6 Local & Opulent Mackage 5 Local & Opulent Mackage 4 Local & Opulent Mackage 3 Local & Opulent Mackage 24 Local & Opulent Mackage 23 Local & Opulent Mackage 22

Local & Opulent Mackage 8

Local & Opulent Mackage 21 Local & Opulent Mackage 20 Local & Opulent Mackage 19 Local & Opulent Mackage 18 Local & Opulent Mackage 17 Local & Opulent Mackage 16 Local & Opulent Mackage 15 Local & Opulent Mackage 14 Local & Opulent Mackage 13 Local & Opulent Mackage 12 Local & Opulent Mackage 11 Local & Opulent Mackage 10 Local & Opulent Mackage 9

*Photo credit to George Pimentel


WMCFW Photo Diary Day 2

WMCFW Day 2 26

World MasterCard Fashion Week has been flying by in a haze of knits, leathers, feathers, sequins and furs. Tuesday was a big day of shows. We saw Klaxon Howl, Line Knitwear, the Mercedes Benz Startup: DUY, David Dixon and Sig Neigum.

Klaxon Howl and Sid Neigum both sent their models down the runway to live music which was very cool. The big topic trending on Twitter however, was not about the clothing or the live tunes, but the hair trends that were making bold statements on the runway. It seemed that just about everyone in the “Twittersphere” had a comment to make about the “hair tuck” at Line Knitwear. I would just like to take this moment to say that while I do not often wear a turtleneck, I am frequently guilty of tucking my hair into the necks of my sweaters, scarves and jackets. I thought all girls with long hair knew this trick…. no knots!!! Apparently, this is a major fashion faux pas. You win some, you lose some right? But I for one, will continue to tuck. The next hair raising topic (I had to go there), was the “lollipop” hair at Sig Neigum. ‘Nuff said. Kids, don’t try this at home.

All in all it was another phenomenal day for fashion. Amazing, rugged menswear at Klaxon Howl, elegant knits and my personal favourite, a woven leather jacket at Line. DUY showed really cool chunky knits and maxi skirts and Sid Neigum perfected minimalistic chic, if not the updo. It was David Dixon‘s show that really brought down the house with it’s pumping “girl power” anthems and messages of equality. His garments took us through the closet of the Modern Woman, from the sleekest of office looks, to the most exquisite evening gowns. I have included some of the highlights from the shows for you to enjoy. Now, back to the tents for Day 4!

WMCFW Day 2 15 WMCFW Day 2 19 WMCFW Day 2 18 WMCFW Day 2 17 WMCFW Day 2 16

WMCFW Day 2 11

WMCFW Day 2 5 WMCFW Day 2 4 WMCFW Day 2 3 WMCFW Day 2 2 WMCFW Day 2 1

WMCFW Day 2 13 WMCFW Day 2 14

WMCFW Day 2 12

WMCFW Day 2 20

WMCFW Day 2 6  WMCFW Day 2 9 WMCFW Day 2 8 WMCFW Day 2 7

WMCFW Day 2 10

WMCFW Day 2 21 WMCFW Day 2 23 WMCFW Day 2 22

WMCFW Day 2 24 WMCFW Day 2 25

*Photos 8-12, 17-26 Credit to George Pimentel via Flare

Pink Tartan Fall 2013

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013

Pink Tartan is one of the biggest runway shows every season at Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week. Designed by Kimberley Newport-Mimran, one half of Canada’s most powerful fashion couple (her husband is Joe Mimran, the man behind Joe Fresh), the Pink Tartan presentation is sure to draw the biggest crowds and the biggest names in the city. Monday evening’s show was no exception.

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie, Newport-Mimran transported us back to the early 1960s. The show opened with our main character, a woman in a blonde wig, approaching a house. As she knocks on the door, the audience sees the door open, a baseball bat, and the screen goes black. The show begins. Models donning the same wig, presumably meant to be the woman from the film, take to the runway. Perhaps our protagonist is a wrong woman seeking revenge. Whatever the case, she is well dressed and on a mission.

Swing coats, capelets and shift dresses dominated the catwalk. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING was trimmed or accented with fur. The entire collection could easily be plucked off of the runway and put straight onto the backs of Toronto’s top fashionistas. Once again, Pink Tartan has captured the Canadian woman’s desire for high fashion and practicality.

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 21

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 1

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 3 Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 7 Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 6 Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 5

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 8

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 9

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 10

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 11

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 12

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 13

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 14

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 15

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 16

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 18

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 19

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 17

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 18

Local & Opulent Pink Tartan Fall 2013 20

*Photo credit to George Pimentel

WMCFW Photo Diary Day 1

wmcfw day 1 18

Yesterday Toronto kicked off the Fall 2013 season of World MasterCard Fashion Week in style! I saw Miz by Izzy Camilleri, Chloe Comme Parris, Pink Tartan and Bustle. I will be getting runway reviews to you soon so you can begin planning your Fall wardrobes!

In the span of four hours we were transported through the decades. Miz by Izzy Camilleri and Pink Tartan took us back to the early 1960s, Chloe Comme Parris to the grungy ’90s (my personal fav) and Bustle into present day. The tunes at Chloe Comme Parris and Bustle had me singing and bouncing around in my seat. Such a fun evening!

I am so happy that my girls from Elle Hardware are also attending the shows this season. Lindsay and Hilary MacMillan run one of the coolest accessories boutiques in the city. Both my cuff and short necklace from today’s post were purchased at Elle Hardware. To keep updated on all of the jewelry trends from the runway in Toronto, be sure to follow Elle Hardware on Instagram and Twitter. If you want to see the action as it happens, follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Now, it’s back to the shows!

wmcfw day 1 16

wmcfw day 1 3

wmcfw day 1 7

wmcfw day 1 9

wmcfw day 1 4

wmcfw day 1 6

wmcfw day 1 17

wmcfw day 1 5

wmcfw day 1 12

wmcfw day 1 13

wmcfw day 1 2

wmcfw day 1 8

wmcfw day 1 11

wmcfw day 1 14

wmcfw day 1 15

Aldo Toque (last seen here), Wilfred dress from Aritzia, Chanel boots, tights and gold necklace (last seen here), Elle Hardware necklace and cuff (last seen here), H&M double finger ring

Meet the Press

Local & Opulent Fashion Week 1.2

I am so excited to announce that I have received my very first press credentials to cover Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week. This means that next week I will be bringing all of you along with me to the Fall 2013 runway shows.

The last time that I participated in Toronto Fashion Week was three years ago when I worked as a volunteer. It is very cool to be going back, this time as a member of the press. I am honoured and delighted to be participating in this event. There is nothing better than supporting local talent and I cannot wait to see what Toronto has to offer this season.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I will be seeing you on Monday from the runway!

Local & Opulent Fashion Week 7

Local & Opulent Fashion Week 13

The above photos were taken when I was volunteering for the event in March 2010. How time flies and hair grows!

*World MasterCard Fashion Week photo courtesy of FS Local Toronto Blog