WMCFW Photo Diary Day 2

WMCFW Day 2 26

World MasterCard Fashion Week has been flying by in a haze of knits, leathers, feathers, sequins and furs. Tuesday was a big day of shows. We saw Klaxon Howl, Line Knitwear, the Mercedes Benz Startup: DUY, David Dixon and Sig Neigum.

Klaxon Howl and Sid Neigum both sent their models down the runway to live music which was very cool. The big topic trending on Twitter however, was not about the clothing or the live tunes, but the hair trends that were making bold statements on the runway. It seemed that just about everyone in the “Twittersphere” had a comment to make about the “hair tuck” at Line Knitwear. I would just like to take this moment to say that while I do not often wear a turtleneck, I am frequently guilty of tucking my hair into the necks of my sweaters, scarves and jackets. I thought all girls with long hair knew this trick…. no knots!!! Apparently, this is a major fashion faux pas. You win some, you lose some right? But I for one, will continue to tuck. The next hair raising topic (I had to go there), was the “lollipop” hair at Sig Neigum. ‘Nuff said. Kids, don’t try this at home.

All in all it was another phenomenal day for fashion. Amazing, rugged menswear at Klaxon Howl, elegant knits and my personal favourite, a woven leather jacket at Line. DUY showed really cool chunky knits and maxi skirts and Sid Neigum perfected minimalistic chic, if not the updo. It was David Dixon‘s show that really brought down the house with it’s pumping “girl power” anthems and messages of equality. His garments took us through the closet of the Modern Woman, from the sleekest of office looks, to the most exquisite evening gowns. I have included some of the highlights from the shows for you to enjoy. Now, back to the tents for Day 4!

WMCFW Day 2 15 WMCFW Day 2 19 WMCFW Day 2 18 WMCFW Day 2 17 WMCFW Day 2 16

WMCFW Day 2 11

WMCFW Day 2 5 WMCFW Day 2 4 WMCFW Day 2 3 WMCFW Day 2 2 WMCFW Day 2 1

WMCFW Day 2 13 WMCFW Day 2 14

WMCFW Day 2 12

WMCFW Day 2 20

WMCFW Day 2 6  WMCFW Day 2 9 WMCFW Day 2 8 WMCFW Day 2 7

WMCFW Day 2 10

WMCFW Day 2 21 WMCFW Day 2 23 WMCFW Day 2 22

WMCFW Day 2 24 WMCFW Day 2 25

*Photos 8-12, 17-26 Credit to George Pimentel via Flare


15 thoughts on “WMCFW Photo Diary Day 2

  1. Sofia

    Love your blog and the fashion you feature.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Bold in Blue’.



  2. dideeblogs

    I love this post! Wish I could watch these shows too. By the way you have an adorable fur coat and a very attractive ring. Where did you get them? 🙂


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