Meet the Press

Local & Opulent Fashion Week 1.2

I am so excited to announce that I have received my very first press credentials to cover Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week. This means that next week I will be bringing all of you along with me to the Fall 2013 runway shows.

The last time that I participated in Toronto Fashion Week was three years ago when I worked as a volunteer. It is very cool to be going back, this time as a member of the press. I am honoured and delighted to be participating in this event. There is nothing better than supporting local talent and I cannot wait to see what Toronto has to offer this season.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I will be seeing you on Monday from the runway!

Local & Opulent Fashion Week 7

Local & Opulent Fashion Week 13

The above photos were taken when I was volunteering for the event in March 2010. How time flies and hair grows!

*World MasterCard Fashion Week photo courtesy of FS Local Toronto Blog


21 thoughts on “Meet the Press

  1. Tra Mi

    i’ve never thought about it in this way. Until now street style has been only sharing opinion for me. But recently I did notice some similarities b/n hollywood stars and the best bloggers


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