Lion or Lamb?

Local & Opulent Winter 10

The saying goes; March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Here’s to hoping that old adages hold true. A few days ago Toronto had a major cold snap – hopefully the last of the season! I purchased this H&M scarf when I was in university and couldn’t be happier to have it all these years later. I only pull it out on the chilliest of days, or when I am travelling. It is literally the size of a small blanket (which I use it as on an air plane). On a normal day it can feel suffocating, but on a frigid day like this, my pale pink blanket/scarf is just what I need to wrap around me to keep warm.

Local & Opulent Winter 2

Local & Opulent Winter 5

Local & Opulent Winter 8

Local & Opulent Winter 6

Local & Opulent Winter 4

Local & Opulent Winter 7

H&M Scarf (old), Aldo Toque and Zara Jacket (both previously seen here), Juicy Couture Jeans (similar), Mendocino Top, Chanel Flats


19 thoughts on “Lion or Lamb?

  1. Lauriel

    Hi! Just found your site via bloglovin and I enjoyed your fashion show editorial~ And the scarf here looks so lovely and cuddly! Great site~ 🙂

    1. Local and Opulent Post author

      Hi thanks for checking out my blog. I appreciate your kind comments! I am officially now following you on Bloglovin’. Also, I just love that Lagerfeld collaboration in your latest post… I will have to check it out in more detail later!

      Local & Opulent


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