Nemo Who?

L&O Joe Fresh Jacket 1

Why is it that in the USA they called last week’s epic blizzard Nemo, but here in Canada we just called it a snowstorm? Either way, when I woke on Saturday to find the sun shining and Toronto blanketed in sparkling white snow, I knew I had to strap on my most practical footwear and hit the streets before all of that beautiful snow would be turned to brown sludge. I hope that all of you in the Northeast were able to get out and enjoy the aftermath of the blizzard, or Nemo as some might call it. Inspired by the sun and the snow, we shot this look in an alley off of Queen St. W.

L&O Joe Fresh Jacket 2

L&O Joe Fresh Jacket 3

Joe Fresh jacket, Zara sweater, Hue leggings, Sorel boots, Rebecca Minkoff “Mini M.A.C.” bag, Fossil watch, Elle Hardware sunnies (695 Queen St. W, Toronto)


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